Red Riding Hood – cast photo.

We saw a programme for a wartime production of Red Riding Hood back in May (Click here). Today we look at a cast photograph.

Cast of Red Riding Hood performed at Market Lavington Parish Room in January 1943

Here we have a wonderful example of the route items can take to reach Market Lavington Museum. A dozen years ago, a lady called Marjorie Ratuszniak brought the photo to the museum. Marjorie had been an evacuee in the village during World War II, possibly with her sister, Joyce. Of course, Marjorie was a girl then and had her maiden name of Marjorie Manning, The Mannings were, we think, from London’s East End. Certainly Marjorie was born in the Stepney district and when she married, in the 1950s, it was in the West Ham district. Market Lavington life must have seemed quiet after London, but entertainment was possible – you could take part in a village pantomime or play. And so she did. Marjorie is one of the chorus girls in the photo. This photo had a 60 year sojourn in London, before returning home to Market Lavington.

And now the people in the photo, as named by Marjorie.

Front row (Children): Clive Baker, Bernard Perrett, 2 Sainsbury boys, Graham Baker, Michael Bevan, Mavis Boulton (now Trimwell).

Front middle row: Pat Hobbs, Mr Pike (? Hobbs), Mr Shepherd.

Back row: Winnie Bevan, Vera Baker, Daphne Cooper, Eileen Perrett, Joyce Trumble, Arthur Goldlaw (soldier), Mrs King, Howard May (soldier), Mr Hobbs, Mr Mabbett, Mr Sainsbury, Mr Perrett, Pam Wells, Jean Potter . . . Marjorie Manning.

We’d love to hear from any of the cast, and particularly Marjorie.


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