Yesterday we featured a book found on the book stall at Easterton Country Fair. We are taking another look at it today, but this time with an extract about Easterton – a parishioner of Market Lavington, resident in Easterton (the same parish) brought a petition before the quarter sessions about some land where the ownership was disputed. It seems that Joane Heskyn, the petitioner,  didn’t actually get very far.

But first, a reminder of the book in question. This time we’ll look at the title page.

Title page of a book of records of 17th century Wiltshire Quarter Sessions

And now to the item about the land dispute which was in 1639. The spelling is ‘as written’.

Joane Heskyn of Esterton in the pish of Lavington forum
presents the following petition :-

” That whereas one yard land & a halfe in Esterton is nowe in
Controversie in lawe between your peticoner and John fflower the
Elder of Esterton. And yor peticoner being possessed thereof &
having plowed and sowen divers acres thereof wth feed Barley &
feed pease this psent yeare, he the said fflower hath sowen the said
acres wth other seed, and he alsoe eateth out wth his cattell the
grasse growing in the nichsed (? Nickled=beaten down) ground.
And Threateneth yor peticoner that he will Cutt & carry away all
the Corne wth divers other fearful threatenings “.

She begs the Justices “to call John fflower befor them and
take order with him that she may quietly enjoy the premises untill
it be tryed by lawe unto whome the land doe of right belong, and

that without trouble of him or any his threatenings wch she greatly
feareth “.

And your peticoner will ever pray &c.

The Court made” noe order” .

Most of this book is about places in Wiltshire away from the Lavington area, but it has other items of general interest, like laid down wages for labourers. It certainly makes for fascinating reading.

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