The Millennium in Market Lavington

The new millennium – the year 2000 – was only twelve years ago. It sounds so recent, but it means that all children below secondary school age were born in the 21st century. The events of the Millennium are receding into history.

People celebrated the start of the New Year in their own way. It was noisy and boisterous of course. And do you remember those fears that the world would almost grind to a halt with the risk of aeroplanes falling out of the sky because of the millennium computer bug. Well of course, that didn’t happen.

Market Lavington’s official celebrations of the new millennium were held in June as part of a range of summer events. Actually, the weather was not all that summery.

A procession was held, starting in the Market Place and walking to Grove Farm. Here we see the procession being organised in the Market Place. You can click here to see more of the procession and other events of that day.

June 24th 2000 – Students from St Barnabas School form up for the procession

And here the procession led by Dave Thom, playing the part of the town crier, is making its way along Church Street.

Dave Thom leads the Millennium Procession along Church Street, Market Lavington

Behind the drummers (oh yes, we did it long before the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies) is a red brick building. It is hard to imagine that this was once an industrial site. It was part of the Hopkins empire and was used for the production of acetylene gas. It was known as the ‘Lighthouse’. Click here to see it in that guise.

Just to the left of the St Barnabas School banner there’s a chimney on the former Volunteer Arms pub.

On the right side, the creamy coloured building is the hairdressers. This had formerly been, amongst many other things, part of Walton’s Department Store.

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