Shredded Wheat Box

Many local folk will have seen that the former Market House is being done up at the moment. The builders got in touch with the museum to see what photos we had of this building in the past and since then we have kept in contact. Not so long ago some fragments were found from the 1930s, stuffed into what Was meant to be a ventilator. Bits of newspaper gave the age away. Here we have a bit of an advert from the News of the World for November  19th 1939.

Newspaper found in The Market House, Market Lavington

But also found was a bit of a shredded wheat box which id definitely contemporary with the newspaper.

Part of a Shredded Wheat box also found in Market Lavington’s Market House

I’m sure we are all glad to know that this product is 100% food!

Shredded Wheat used to be made in Welwyn Garden City and we found this image, showing the box on the website at

Shredded Wheat recipe book of 1936 shows a picture of the box found in Market Lavington

The recipe book was given to visitors to the factory which is depicted on the box.

You’ll be able to try one of the recipes from the book at our Museum Miscellany next week.

Shredded Wheat Banana Buns

4 large tablespoons of crumbled Shredded Wheat; 2 large bananas cut very thin; milk; caster sugar.

Mix the Shredded Wheat with half a cup of warm milk; put the bananas in a basin with the Shredded Wheat; beat them up well and roll out; cut up into 3-inch lengths; roll out in caster sugar, and bake until a golden brown in small tins.

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