The Easterton Pump

Back in May we looked at the Easterton pump in a series of photos taken  between the 1900s and 2012. (click here). This time we are filling in a gap with a couple of photos in the 1980s. In fact our photos are taken in 1984 and 1985.

Easterton pump and stream in 1984

Here, in 1984, we see the pump in an area that looks a bit uncared for. Behind it, we can just see the jam factory on top of the high retaining wall that lines Kings Road as it starts its narrow journey up onto the sands. The edge of the stream looks to be a muddy mess. No doubt children loved the bit of water to play in. Children always have.

Step in the LACES team. Back in the mid 1980s, employment was a problem, particularly for school leavers. Now that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Back then it was possible to get funding for schemes to improve the community, to pay unemployed youngsters and give them training. Now that was a win/win situation. Our youngsters felt wanted and needed and gained respect and the environment was tidied. We have met this team before – on Ladywood Lane. But here they are at Easterton pump.

Lads working to improve the environment , edging the stream by Easterton pump in 1985

Here, in 1985, we see that the stream has been edged with concrete and is being finished off with bricks. What a good job the lads have made of the area.

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