St Mary’s in Colour

At Market Lavington Museum we must have thirty or so different postcards of St Mary’s Church. They show views of the church, inside and out, from many different viewpoints throughout much of the 20th century.

We have just been given a copy of another – as seen below.

1909 hand tinted image of Market Lavington Church from the Recreation Ground

We think this image dates from about 1909. We have another card at the museum, clearly in the same series, which was posted in that year. We cannot be certain it is 100% accurate, for these coloured images were hand painted over black and white photos.

The picture is taken from what was then the recreation ground and it is seen complete with a goal and also the grass cutters (sheep) are well in evidence. We guess the photo was taken by Mr Burgess and he’d have organised the lad to add interest to his shot. The church looks very much the same, 100 years on, but the avenue of pollarded trees alongside the path up to the church looks very full.

In the foreground we can see Meadow Cottage and Spring Villa below the church. Further to the right the top of the cedar tree at The Old House shows up. That tree is still there. Just below it is the roof of what was then Market Lavington School – now The Old School.

We’d like to thank former Market Lavington and Easterton resident, John, for this image. John is still local and lives in Littleton Panell.


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