Bobby Mapp

We have met Bobby Mapp before on these pages (click here). He was a soldier who got stationed in the Market Lavington area during World War II. He was not a Lavington person by birth and he moved away after the war.

But he is remembered with much affection by older local people as a wonderful entertainer. He was, principally a singer and it seems he threw himself in to Market Lavington life with real gusto. If you talk to the 80 plus year olds in the village, particularly the ladies, any mention of Bobby Mapp is likely to be met with the response, ‘Oh, he was marvellous’. So today, especially for those ladies, we present a tinted photo of Bobby in his soldier’s uniform.

Bobby Mapp – a colour tinted photo dating from the Second World War. The photo is at Market Lavington Museum

Inevitably, we know very little about Bobby but we have had communication with his granddaughter who wrote

…… granddad talked at length about his time in Market Lavington although he has sadly passed away now I have all his scrapbooks detailing a very star studded and eventful life. He took us to the area a number of times as children and always saw Market Lavington as his second home.

We’d still like to know more.

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7 Responses to “Bobby Mapp”

  1. Graham Mapp Says:

    Bob Mapp was my uncle, my fathers brother. i used to go to many of his concerts and he would always donate his fee to charity. He was never really recognised for his sterling work in raising money for those worse off than himself. Ian delighted that others have such fond memories of him.

  2. Rosemary Brookes Says:

    Bob was my uncle my dad was his brother Howard he was a very caring person he brought myself and husband to Market Lavington to meet all his friends there. My earliest memory was going g to a concert in Birmingham where he appeared with Semprini a well known pianist.

  3. tracygrenyer79 Says:

    I was excited to see 3 posts about my Great Uncle Bob. He was my Grandad Howard Mapp’s younger brother. My mother is Rosemary Brookes and his niece. As a young girl I would walk from my Grandma’s house over to see him because he was a fabulous man and I was always greeted with ‘Hello my darling ‘ I loved my visits he often showed me his photo collections and shared memories of stars and hospital visits. He loved hus wife Connie and family and thought the world if my Grandma Lily Mapp. I have always loved theatre, drama and all things musical this is why we got on so well. We visited him when he had to move to a residential care home. He was a Star for me in so many ways. He was always the showman. Tracy Grenyer nee Brookes

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Good to know Bobby was loved by his wider family as well as by the good folks of Market Lavington. I have just been able to put your mum in touch with Bobby’s granddaughter. More family history could be on the cards for sharing amongst you.



      • Margaret Mapp Says:

        Lovely to receive the comments. I contacted my cousin Rosemary when I first saw about Uncle Bob who I know has been in touch with you. I have printed everything off and sent to my sister in Derbyshire who also has fond memories of Bob, in fact she also made a vast to Market Lavington with him. She remembers staying with the Bakers.

        Graham Mapp

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