A Civil Defence Corps Badge

The Civil Defence Corps was founded in 1949. It was a civilian and totally volunteer group who were intended to take charge in the event of a nuclear war. In such circumstances, members of the corps became important people, organising rescues, removal of debris and managing what resources there were. Their token of office was a small buttonhole badge.

1949-53 Civil Defence Corps badge given by Mrs Gale of The Spring, Market Lavington

This one appears to be the 1949 to 1953 style. Later badges were more silvery in colour and less golden. We have the original (we think) box.

The badge box

So it is a Civil Defence Corps 3 pattern badge.

The badge was given to the museum by Mrs Gale of The Spring in Market Lavington. We do not know who the corps member was. Perhaps by 1968 it was realised that in the event of all out nuclear war local volunteers were unlikely to have survived.

The  Civil Defence Corps was disbanded in 1968. Fortunately, it was never needed

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2 Responses to “A Civil Defence Corps Badge”

  1. Steve Cook Says:

    Dates from 1949, formation of the Civil Defence Corps as it shows the “King’s” or Imperial State Crown, from 1952 (accession of the Queen) the badge was changed to the “Queen’s” or St Edward’s crown, which was used until the disbandment of the Corps in March 1968. Badges were issued as either buttonhole or pin backed depending on personal choice. They were intended to be worn when in “civvies”. I served from 1964-1968.

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