Prospecting for Oil in the Lavingtons

Back in 1979, people came prospecting for oil in Market Lavington and along the vale generally. The process was simple enough, although no doubt much analysis had to be done of the data gathered.

Some huge tractor like vehicles arrived in the area. They stopped and no doubt accurate measurements were made as to their precise position (how much easier these days, with GPS).

The tractor then dropped a fairly massive weight on the ground. This set up vibrations and it was from the analysis of these that the experts reckoned they could locate if oil was there.

Presumably, the chances of oil were not deemed good for no exploratory drilling took place in this area.

These tractors visited Market Lavington in 1979. They were checking to see if there just could be oil underneath the ground here.

The pictures – not outstanding in quality, show the tractors parked overnight.

Another view shows the three oil prospecting tractors


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