Marks of Occupation

Some Items just can’t be brought to a museum, for they are part of the structure of another building. However, we may be allowed to photograph them and so we have a photo of stonework surrounding the fireplace at what must be one of the oldest cottages on Northbrook in Market Lavington.

Marks of occupation in the stonework around a fireplace at Northbrook, Market Lavington

It may look ordinary enough, but a closer look reveals names and initials and other marks all over this fire surround. Apparently it was not unusual, in times past, for residents to add their name to others already there.

So here’s a closer view of a small part of the image.

A closer view of some of the marks.

And here some enhancement has been done to improve the visibility.

Digitally enhanced!

It still isn’t easy to make out names or initials. Perhaps the most prominent are J P – but there seems to have been little care about finding an empty spaced for new etchings.


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2 Responses to “Marks of Occupation”

  1. Tim Says:

    These look like they may be ritual protection marks – quite common in old properties around fireplaces and doors. See

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