Market Lavington or Pewsey?

This picture of the staff of Mr Walton’s Market Lavington shop is said (according to our records) to have been taken at Pewsey in the run up to Christmas 1907.

Staff of Mr Walton’s shop in Market Lavington – probably on White Street in the village. It is the run up to Christmas 1907

Let’s name the people first. From left to right we have Jasper Chapman, Jo Bowyer, Billy Knowles, Kit Laver, Win Merritt, Fred Chapman and Alice Gale

So now to the location.

Market Lavington – White Street from the Cross Roads – 1913

This is the shop in Market Lavington. Look at the section round the corner on White Street, with a lady at the entrance.

Surely this is the same shop as the one above?

Now we are fairly certain this is one and the same shop. Of course Mr Walton may have set up different branches under his control as similarly as possible, but these appear to be identical.

Maybe our colleagues at Pewsey Heritage Centre can tell us more about Mr Walton’s premises there.


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2 Responses to “Market Lavington or Pewsey?”

  1. A part of Mr Walton’s empire? | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] have, in the past, featured an image we have in the museum which was said to be in Pewsey (click here). We argued that the photo shown then was Market Lavington. Could a clerical error have occurred? […]

  2. Freddy Chapman | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] By 1911, mother Ann and four of the children were back in Market Lavington and living on High Street, Freddy was a clerk working for a draper – surely Mr Walton. We do, in fact, have a picture of a tiny Fred, outside Mr Walton’s shop in 1907. (Click here). […]

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