The Parish Council in 1994

Market Lavington has had a Parish Council for well over a hundred years. In fact, it celebrated its centenery in 1994, the year of this photo. Local people, through the hundred plus years have given up their time for no financial reward and help to ensure that the village is cared for and that things run smoothly. They have one person, who is a paid employee, dealing with paper work and all sorts of other matters. He or she is the clerk and one suspects that the work they do far outstrips what they are paid for.

Back in 1994, Tom Cockings retired after twenty five years as Parish Clerk. A commemorative photo was taken to mark the occasion showing Tom with the elected councillors of the day.

Market Lavington Parish Council in 1994

Market Lavington Parish Council in 1994

Back row from left to right we have Dr J Reid, Mr R Francis, Mr T Hudson, Mr C Farmer, Mr AWS Snell and Mr D Barron.

In the front row from left to right we see Mrs S Walker, Mrs J Clark, Mrs C Hunt, Tom Cockings, Mr K Bennett, Mrs J Heath and Mr M Stone.

It’s good to report that nearly twenty years on many of these people still live in the village and are still active in village life.

As for the council itself – there has been a total change of personnel, but twelve good men and women, along with a clerk, still serve the village. You could click here to see who they are and what they are responsible for.

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