I’m getting married – in 1906

In less than two months our museum, preserving the heritage of Market Lavington and Easterton, will be open for the 2013 season. The team have been at work preparing and once again our mannequins have been re-dressed with a new theme. This year it is all early 20th century. This young lady, still to have hands attached, is wearing a 1906 wedding costume.


Here we have an ecru silk wedding outfit in two parts – skirt and bodice. It has elaborate lace panels and a flared, frilled skirt. At some point its sleeves have been removed. The veil in net and lace was worn by the same bride to the same wedding.

The mannequin itself is not period. This came from Mrs McKinstry’s shop which was on the corner of High Street and White Street. She dates from the 1950s.

The bride for this wedding also wore a petticoat which we have (and which will be displayed elsewhere this year) which has a name tag ‘Cox’. She also carried a fan.

Sadly, despite best endeavours, we are not able to trace who the bride was. It would be good to have a photo of the actual event so, if anybody has any ideas, do get in touch.

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