National Rifle Association Medal

This medal is something we know little about. It is a medal issued by the National Rifle Association (of the UK).

The obverse or front shows the logo of the organisation.

National Rifle Association Medal at Market Lavington Museum

National Rifle Association Medal at Market Lavington Museum

The bowman on the left is dated 1300-1500 and the rifleman on the right at 1860. The motto at the bottom is ‘sit perpetuum’ which translates roughly as ‘for ever’.

On the reverse there is a simple message in a laurel wreath.

The reverse of the medal

The reverse of the medal

This simply says, The National Rifle Association 1860.

We think the date 1860 refers to the founding of the association. Regular competitions were held and we have no knowledge as to when this medal was won, or by whom. It came to the museum from our founder, Peggy Gye, in 1985 but has no further information.

Can anyone out there tell us any more?

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3 Responses to “National Rifle Association Medal”

  1. Destination Salisbury Says:

    Great to see such history being unearthed in this great county of ours!

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      At the moment we are seeking anything Marketr Lavington or Easterton for next year’s centenery of World War 1. Hopefully we’ll get some good stories from families of local lads and from Commionwealth troops who trained on Salisbury Plain.
      We’ll continue to display items in the museum and virtually, on the blog.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    I have no idea. We have no interest in cash value at a museum.

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