A different welcome

For many a year, the wall on the left as you enter Market Lavington Museum has featured information about the Grove Farm archaeology. The dig revealed Roman and Saxon settlement in the area – and such a major part of the history of our area is worthy of display. It still is displayed, but the arrival of new items means some things have been moved. The new item that needed space was the old clock which used to grace the Workmans’ Hall. And that means the first ‘Treasures of Market Lavington’ that visitors are likely to see will include a display about the clock and the hall. The hall was built in 1865 and after something of a chequered history it still serves as a community building, housing our library and, of course, it is the Scout Hall. An explanatory history of the hall forms part of the display, which can be seen below. (This photo was taken before the full display was in place.)


We have taken the opportunity to increase the display about the fire brigades that served both Easterton and Market Lavington. The Market Lavington Fire Station desk was on display last year but now we have more information about the fire brigade and firemen who served our villages so well. Open the cupboard door to find the story of the fire engine built by Mr Milson, as told by Marjory, his daughter.

Regular visitors will note that we still have the Honeychurch dolls house on display on the same wall but most other items are new for this year. Do make sure you visit during the year to see all of the changes we have made during the closed season.


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