A view from Northbrook

Now here’s a confession. Our curator actually took this photo and, being a black and white image, he processed it himself. But he never captioned it and now he has no idea just when the photo was taken or what was going on.

‘It was almost certainly the late 1970s’ is all we can get from him.

A view down Northbrook, Market Lavington in the 1970s

A view down Northbrook, Market Lavington in the 1970s

The location is clear enough. St Mary’s Church is framed within the crane’s arm and cable. To the right of the church we can see the wide open fields of Grove Farm.

To the left of, and in front of the church we can see the houses and bungalows of Bouverie Drive. Behind Bouuverie Drive there is the pale coloured terrace of Market Place and in the backdrop we have the strip lynchetts near Ramscliff.

Immediately behind the Chivers name on the crane we can see Jubilee Cottage on Northbrook and under the crane we can make out the thatched roof of ‘The Rest’.

There look to be ground works going on in the left foreground. Were footings being prepared for a new bungalow – High Ryde?

Can you help our curator and tell him just what was going on in the photo he took!

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One Response to “A view from Northbrook”

  1. Danny Morris Says:

    Hello there
    Just to hazard a guess, but the “chivers crane” may well have had something to do with my grandfather (victor morris).
    They built a bungalow (meadow side) in that area, possibly in the seventies, and my grandfather did work for chivers.
    Hope this helps
    Kind regards
    Danny Morris

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