Moving an organ

We have seen Hopkins invoices before on this blog.


This one is the February 1911 account rendered to West Lavington Church. . For £1 – 8 – 6 Mr Hopkins cut along the floor, removed the organ forward and blocked up the level for temporary use in church. It was a 100% labour cost as nothing new was built or installed.

By 1911 Market Lavington born William Hopkins had moved to Littleton Panell but his firm was still based in Market Lavington.

One son, also a William, was running the acetylene works in Market Lavington at that time. Another son, Sam, was listed as a builder and employer in 1911. He, too, lived in the West Lavington area.

Postcards from around 1911 clearly show the HQ of the Hopkins business at 21 Church Street in Market Lavington.

Hopkins HQ - Church Street, Market Lavington

Hopkins HQ – Church Street, Market Lavington

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4 Responses to “Moving an organ”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    I love the picture of the lavatory cistern in the top right of the invoice. It could almost be the one we have in the museum!

  2. Norman. Merritt Says:

    The Hopkins building in the 60s was used by the boys and girls from easterton to store there bikes while attending lavington school
    Opposite we had just left easterton school aged 11 and the main
    Comprehensive school was not yet built. So we settled in to a very
    Enjoyable time at lavington being bused to Devizes twice a week
    For carpentry lessons at Devizes comprehensive and swimming
    Lessons at the old outdoor pool at Rotherstone a bit cold sometimes but we were tougher in those days
    The headmaster at the time was Mr Pickering
    And another highlight was to go up to the television room to watch
    Wildlife programs in what is now the museum
    Happy days

  3. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Lovely memories. Thanks Norman

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