A view from the hill

This photo, not in tip-top condition, dates from 1923 so it is 90 years old.


The hole in the photo is easily fixed digitally. And we think the sepia colour is due to fading so we have returned the photo to monochrome black and white.

Same photo digitally repaired.

Same photo digitally repaired.

We are looking at what some of us think of as ‘the last homely house’ for this is the highest dwelling now remaining up Lavington Hill. There used to be a limekiln higher up and that created The Hollow. This Hollow resulted from quarrying. We can see a track leading down into The Hollow to the right of the cottages.

These cottages are also called ‘The Hollow’. Behind them, the trees are in ‘The Plantation’

We can just make out the church in Market Lavington above the chimney on the cottages.

This photo has a transatlantic history. It was taken in 1923 by Mrs Maude Wright and must have travelled with her to Canada for she sent it to Peggy Gye from across the Atlantic, to be a part of our museum collection.

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2 Responses to “A view from the hill”

  1. Janice Feltham (nee Quick) Says:

    My Mum and dad lived at the hollow ,John and Honor Quick (nee Fielding) until 1950 when my father was knocked of his bike in white street coming to pick me up from my nans at 2 Parsonage lane, he died of head injury caused by the accident which was by a van pulling away on the wrong side of the road

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