Northbrook and Bouverie Drive – Then and Now

Our first photo was taken on the street called Northbrook in the 1970s.

Bouverie Drive from Northbrook, Market Lavington in the 1970s

Bouverie Drive from Northbrook, Market Lavington in the 1970s

It was a wet winter’s day and views are more open in winter. We can see Bouverie Drive very clearly in this view which shows Northbrook passing over the bridge across the stream of the same name before going up the hill to the Market Place.

Immediately on the left, the cartwheel on the fence was at a little bungalow called Meadow Side. The much extended home is still there. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the building off shot to the right – the Tudor Cottage where Tommy Burden once lived.

But it is the houses and bungalows of Bouverie Drive which dominate the scene. The houses look very new and, in particular, the gardens indicate very recent building. The only architectural features we see in the gardens are rotary clothes lines.

Now a comparison with a shot taken on a dull but dry day in May 2013.

The same Market Lavington view in 2013

The same Market Lavington view in 2013

Northbrook is still there, following the same course, over the bridge and up the hill to the Market Place. But it is barely recognisable as the same place.

Bouverie Drive has all but vanished behind greenery. The weeping willow by the stream was a bit of community planting. On the right we have the garage and wall surrounding the replacement building erected after the old cottage was demolished. It has to be said that the new build is much more suited to 21st century living.

When the new house was built, the footpath across to Parsonage Lane was re-routed. It now hugs the edge of the stream.

On the left a coniferous forest has grown up. Habits change. The 1970s was the era of open plan surroundings for houses. These days many people prefer privacy and some has clearly been provided by those quick growing conifers.

Change happens and it certainly isn’t all for the bad. Most new housing in Market Lavington is pleasing and new housing brings new blood to a place. That can help to foster community spirit – which is something the Lavingtons excel at.


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4 Responses to “Northbrook and Bouverie Drive – Then and Now”

  1. steve ayliffe Says:

    I spent my early side at Meadow Side when it was only a caravan set below my grandad Arthur Oram’s bugalow The Retreat. The original bungalow was built by Vic Morris. After the path that ran by Tom Burdens house was re routed, was there still access to the small water hole? that was set off to the side of the original footpath near Tom’s old gate ? Yours Steve

    ======================================== Message Received: Jun 09 2013, 06:08 AM

  2. Before Bouverie Drive | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] are looking down Northbrook and this is not such a different view from one we showed (here) when the Bouverie Drive houses were […]

  3. Janet Lewis Says:

    My family moved into No 8 Bouverie Drive when it was new, 1971 I think. I would have walked up Northbrook to school but sadly don’t remember the tuder house. We moved in the early 80’s.

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