Edwardian Church Street in Colour

Postcard collectors seem to prefer ‘real photographic’ images and can fight just a bit shy of those photos rendered into colour by an artist. Certainly the true photograph gives a crisper rendition of the scene, but black and white photos paint a picture of a monochrome world – which it certainly wasn’t. So until the coming of satisfactory colour film, we are reliant on the artist to give an indication of what places and even people looked like – in colour.

If a tinted image was going to be made, the photographer would have jotted down a description of the colours. The artist – who may well have been the photographer could make use of the notes, The coloured image does bear some resemblance to the truth.

At Market Lavington Museum we have recently been given a colour tinted postcard of Church Street.

Church Street, Market Lavingtonj in colour - an Edwardian image.

Church Street, Market Lavington in colour – an Edwardian image.

We think this image is Edwardian and guess that the original photo may have been taken by Alfred Burgess, our resident photographer in Market Lavington. He could have sold the rights to the picture to Woodward’s in Devizes.

It’s good to see that the ladies at left and right, out working at the fronts of their houses, are wearing bright blouses. The more distant man in the middle of the road does look rather more black and white.

The scene is similar today. The pollarded trees have gone and the gap on the right just beyond the woman with the yellow blouse is now occupied by Milsom Court. Many of the other buildings have changed from being commercial to being residential, but most still look much the same.

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