Lavington Station again

We recently acquired four photos of Lavington Station very soon after closure. The station buildings still looked in good order and these images give us a chance to imagine the station in its heyday.

Today we’ll look at the up or London bound platform. The main buildings at the station were on the down, Westbound platform. The facilities were smaller on the other side. This platform could only be reached by going up the steps and over the bridge although possibly staff might have helped some people across the wooden crossing that porters with barrows could use.

The up platform at Lavington Station

The up platform at Lavington Station

That is the up platform. We can see the covered bridge that could bring passengers from the main station entrance. The little building has a canopy to provide shelter and there is a waiting room in the brick built building. The sign still hangs outside this room.


The Waiting Room sign is still there, but this photio was taken soon after trains ceased calling at Lavington

The presence of a chimney suggests that in cold weather, a fire could be lit in the waiting room for the benefit of intending travellers.

The whole station, which was sited close to the bridge which carries the A360 road under the railway, has been swept into total oblivion. No traces of the old days survive for passengers to see as their trains race through.

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