The Pond Farm Camp Ambulance

Pond Farm Camp was used for ‘summer holiday’ exercise camps by many different regiments. Huge quantities of men spent weeks or fortnights ‘enjoying’ the uncertain delights of Salisbury Plain. In amongst a large number of men there were bound to be illnesses and injuries (and the occasional death). Such events provided training opportunities for the medical staff and the ambulance brigade.

Today we are featuring the third Pond Farm Camp photo which came from a descendant of William Davies from Llanfihangel in Breconshire. William features in one picture. Another, of church parade shows men with Red Cross arm bands. This third one shows the ambulance.

Pond Farm Camp, Easterton in abouit 1909

Pond Farm Camp, Easterton in abouit 1909

Well there’s a reminder that in these pre World War One days we were also, largely, pre motorised transport.  The ambulance is powered by four horses with each pair having a driver. We can also get a feel for the bareness of Salisbury Plain.

It is almost inevitable that we don’t know the regiment or the soldiers.


image004 image005


It is a very outside chance that somebody will recognise any of the men – but hope springs eternal.

Do get in touch if you recognise regiment or men.

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