A fry-up for the workers

Back in 1958 a gang of workers were digging up the Market Lavington streets to lay sewers. We have seen, on this blog, how the scheme caused absolute chaos to the road network with Church Street completely blocked and Parsonage Lane totally closed. A resident who lived (and still does) on White Street recalls how she had to get the workers to help her get her pram to a place where it could be pushed, rather than carried. Prams of the 1950s were still of the substantial variety so it was no task for one person to lift a pram.

But of course, the benefits of the sewerage scheme far outweighed those temporary inconveniences. No longer was raw sewage emptied straight into streams. The bucket toilet became a thing of the past. Life became cleaner and that bit more wholesome.

But back to that gang of workers. Tom Gye tells us that they were from Ireland and that they used Gye’s Yard as a bit of a base. Here we see a group of them having a morning fry-up.

A fry-up for sewer layers in Gye's Yard, Market Lavington in 1958

A fry-up for sewer layers in Gye’s Yard, Market Lavington in 1958

What a charming scene!

Clothing is interesting. The chap frying has a pin stripe jacket on. Perhaps it was once part of a posh suit. The two other foreground chaps have sports jackets and one of them also wears a roll neck jumper. The older man, on the left, has a flat cap and an overcoat with a string belt.

Of course, we have no idea who any of the workers were. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one or more of them could give us their memories of Market Lavington? They certainly look keen to sample the rashers of bacon being lowered into the frying pan.


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