A Jubilee Tin

2012 might have been deemed our Royal Year as we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen, Elizabeth II. But royal artefacts still arrive at the museum and are still of interest and value to Market Lavington Museum.

This tin arrived from a family who lived in Easterton and was made to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of our queen’s grandfather, King George V. He came to the throne in 1910 so the tin dates from 1935

A 1935 Silver Jubilee tin - now at Market Lavington Museum

A 1935 Silver Jubilee tin – now at Market Lavington Museum

We can see that the tin is not in perfect condition. In particular, Queen Mary’s face has suffered a bit of damage. We can see, below, that one of the hinges has also suffered a bit, but it is still in working order.


The tin was well made but has no information about the original contents, but like many royal artefacts it was clearly regarded as a souvenir item and the family kept it and, no doubt used it. It would be eminently suited to biscuits.

Of course, what we like about this item is that we can attach a family to it – it has its local provenance.


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2 Responses to “A Jubilee Tin”

  1. debbie dalton Says:

    hi I have one of these tins what’s the rough value on it condition is very good and the hinge isn’t bent like that one.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Sorry Debbie – we have no idea about cash value. The value to us lies in its provenance in connection to our village which means it matters not a jot to us if it is worth nothing or lots.

      Our usual advice is to find similar items on Ebay and see what they actually sell for.



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