The Northbrook Terrace

Parts of Market Lavington have changed considerably but a terrace of cottages on Northbrook look much as they have done for a hundred years or more. New building and the growth of trees, however, make this view impossible today.

A view to the Northbrook terrace in the 1960s

A view to the Northbrook terrace in the 1960s

This photo dates from the 1960s – about 50 years ago and the foreground area is now a part of Bouverie Drive.

Numbers 26 to 32 Northbrook in Market Lavington

Numbers 26 to 32 Northbrook in Market Lavington

There’s the terrace on Northbrook (numbers 26 – 32 then). Today, the right hand half has been made into one more sizable home but the left hand pair remain as they were. It looks like a Mini in the garage.

A couple of caravans occupy a site, across the stream where we now find ‘Meadowside’.

On the other side of the photo we see Stream Cottage – still there, sited on the path that links Northbrook with the roundabout at the bottom of Parsonage lane.

Stream Cottage, Market Lavington

Stream Cottage, Market Lavington

In front of the cottage is a cow byre. The Bouverie Drive area was still farmland 50 years ago.

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3 Responses to “The Northbrook Terrace”

  1. Ms C Chaffey Says:

    Thank you.

  2. steve ayliffe Says:

    Interesting, the caravan (Meadowside)was my early home when I was probably between 4 and 9/10. My Grandfather Arthur Oram who you featured in an earlier post outside Jubilee Cottage with his brother, my Uncle Ern, lived in the bungalow at the top of the picture (The Retreat). You can also see the home made extensions he constructed as added space which my parents always jokingly referred to as ‘sheds’. The Retreat was accessed from the caravan by quite a steep, again home made, stoned track. I remember (just) the winter of 1963 walking up the track to visit and the snow walls of the hand dug trench in the now towering high above me, amazing then but scary now…

    Yours, Steve Ayliffe

    ======================================== Message Received: Jul 22 2013, 06:05 AM

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