A Trundling Hoop

The other day our curator was walking to the museum when he met Dave who lives on Northbrook.

‘I’ve got something that might interest you’, said Dave and he nipped into his shed and came out with a metal hoop – this one

This trundling hoop, probably 80 years old, can now be found at Market Lavington Museum

This trundling hoop, probably 80 years old, can now be found at Market Lavington Museum

Dave went on, ‘It’s one of those kid’s hoops they used to roll down streets using a stick. I think that was a bit of hazel normally’.

He went on to say that the hoop had belonged to his dad.

Well, the hoop now belongs to Market Lavington Museum and we are trying to find out more about it.

It seems that both girls and boys used hoops in times past, but girls used lighter, wooden hoops which they propelled along with wooden sticks. A metal hoop was deemed to be a boy’s toy and that was actually propelled with what got called a handle which, like the hoop was made of iron. Both kinds of hoop were very popular in Victorian times and their popularity continued well into the twentieth century. Perhaps they went out of fashion when roads ceased to be safe places for games. In this case, not only the kids playing might be at risk from traffic, but traffic could be at risk from a runaway hoop. Our hoop is some 57cm in diameter and weighs in at close on a kilogram. Yes, that could do some damage.

Interestingly, smaller metal trundling hoops are still for sale, particularly in China. From these we can get an idea of what the handle looked like. We might even find someone to make us one so the hoop can be used.

Thanks again to Dave for producing this memory of childhood past.

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