Potters Stores – 1950s

This is another of our collection of bills at Market Lavington Museum – as issued by Potter’s stores, then run by G S and E M Prowse. This was actually, still Potter family, for George Prowse had married Elizabeth Potter in 1956.

The shop was on Church Street. Later it became a Spar shop and after that Mr Dempsey ran it. Now it is a private house and its reconstructed front end hides its former identity.

Potter's Stores on Church Street, Market Lavington

Potter’s Stores on Church Street, Market Lavington

Here we see the shop during its ‘Potter’ days.

But now to the bill.

A bill from Potter's believed to be the late 1950s

A bill from Potter’s believed to be the late 1950s

This is undated but a mix of prices and items purchased lead us to the late 1950s. A small loaf cost 8d. Cigarettes seemed to be 3/2 for twenty. A packet of crisps (and we bet they had a twist of salt in the pack) was 4d. A packet of frozen peas was a shilling.

We certainly get an insight into prices and what people, or at any rate Mrs Harris, bought at the time.


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2 Responses to “Potters Stores – 1950s”

  1. Jan Feltham nee Quick Says:

    I can remember the shop it was just down from where i lived , it was opposite the pub that the mcgraths use to run.

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