Lavington Flower Show – 2013

At Market Lavington Museum we do like to record the here and now so that future people can have an understanding of how we lived in the early years of the 21st century.

An annual event in Market Lavington is the flower and produce show which is run by a local committee in conjunction with the Lavington Gardening Club. In fact it is two shows in one for there is an open to all section and a section only open to garden club members.

Here are some photos from this year’s show.

image002Liz and Phil are long term local residents but had not exhibited before. Here they discover that even in this fun festival of fruit, flowers and things that don’t begin with F there is paper work to be done. By heck, Liz, those cakes in front of you look good.


Jack, an old hand, is staging exhibits. People in the know will see that the Community Hall is used for this event.


Nick is supporting another new exhibitor, Stephanie, with her craft entries.


Simon is arranging his photos under the Millennium wall hanging.

Exhibitors must have their items in place by 11 in the morning and then there is a lull before judging can commence. There’s a chance to see what Lavington has to offer.


There’s some good looking food there!


2013 hasn’t been a good year for flowers, but there is still some good stuff.

With judging over, Nicki sits at the spreadsheet and works out the winners.


At 2pm the show opens to the public. Exhibitors can look round and see if they have won.


And here’s one that brought a smile to our curator for he got first prize for his fudge.


At 3.30, the prizes are awarded to the section winners – who receive a trophy for the year and a small cash prize.


Clare won the ‘open’ flower section.

Rupert, who really runs the show, was delighted to be able to award himself the trophy for the longest marrow.


There is then a frenetic ten minutes for exhibitors as the entries are removed. Anything remaining will be auctioned.

The show ends with the raffle draw. This is the real financial support for the show. Pat has sat patiently at her raffle table all day.


Well done Pat – the show relies on your work. Our photographer has caught you deep in thought but your smiling face is really the show winner.

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