More Church Life

Here’s hoping you have your tickets for the Museum Miscellany which is at 7.30pm on 14th September. You can get tickets from the Post Office in the village.

One section will be about the people of both church and chapel. These organisations made up what was once a truly central part of rural life – and still does for many. The people were the ordinary village people, some rich and some poor, old and young. Today we look mostly at youngsters although they’ll all be over 60 now, for the photo dates from 1955.

It features members of the church Sunday School, out in the village for Rogation Day.

Market Lavington Church Sunday School celebrate Rogation Day in 1955

Market Lavington Church Sunday School celebrate Rogation Day in 1955

This merry band of youngsters, all wearing Sunday best clothes, are under the watchful gaze of their Sunday School teachers. At the left is Daphne Arnold. In the middle at the back we have Gwen Cooper and second right at the back, half hidden is Miss J Saxton.

We seek the names of all of the children – maybe you can help us.

This and many other photos will be on display at the miscellany and between the two halves of the show we will have our famous museum food for the audience to sample.

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4 Responses to “More Church Life”

  1. Jan Feltham nee Quick Says:

    I am in this picture sat next to the girl in pigtails who’s head is turned side ways. Jan Quick. the girl behind me with blond hair could be Susan Shepherd, and the girl in the dark coat next to the girl with fair curly hair is Pauline Davis.

    Could you please send me a copy of this photo by email please.

  2. Chris adams ( nee Ashley) Says:

    I am the girl in the front row with the ‘daisy chain’ and not sitting very ladylike! My sister Diana Ashley, is the girl sat to the right of Susan shepherd. The lad on the second row down on the right (pulling a face!)is Graham Davis and on his right is his brother,
    Peter. Next to him is Heather Hayward. The girl (second one in) on the front row on the right is Pauline Davis. The girl standing next to Daphne Arnold is Carol Davis and in front of her with a cap on, is her brother Keith.

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