A. S. Wordley and Co

A recent gift to the museum is of some photographs of our local agricultural engineers and their stand at an agricultural show.

A. S. Wordley had premises in The Market Place at Market Lavington. They were a substantial firm and well known as suppliers of equipment for agriculture.

The pictures have come via a roundabout route, but initially they were held by a person who worked for the Wordley firm in 1951, when the photos were taken.

They are large, high quality photos but have suffered some of the ravages of time. This one, which is framed and behind glass, has survived pretty well.

A S Wordley of market Lavington had a stand at the 1951 Trowbridge and Melksham Show

A S Wordley of market Lavington had a stand at the 1951 Trowbridge and Melksham Show

We can see that this photo shows a part of Wordley’s stand at the 1951 Trowbridge, Melksham and District Agricultural Show.

Let’s zoom in on the picture.


Wordley’s stand featured combine harvesters, devices still very much in their infancy

 At the left end we can see what looks to be the ‘hospitality’ tent. Under the banner we have ‘Germ Oil’ and behind what one guesses are staff cars and a Landrover with a horsebox. In the pen there are a couple of combine harvesters with a group of men discussing the pros and cons. We see an elevator which seems to be attracting attention. There is at least one tractor in there and this was just a part of their display which includes the beautifying picket fencing and plants.


It’s very unlikely that people will be recognised – but hope, as ever, springs eternal.

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4 Responses to “A. S. Wordley and Co”

  1. Jacky McLean Says:

    Can you tell me if A S Wordley was Arthur Stanley Wordley born 1910, if so I can link him into my family tree x 2. Many thanks.


    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I don’t know off hand but I’m sure I can find out. I know he is Arthur and I believe he is one of the men in the blog picture. I can try to find out. There are people I can ask who are former employees but they may not know middle names and ancestry of the boss!
      I’ll see what I can discover.



  2. Jo Says:

    An additional picture can be seen on my Flickr gallery.

    A S Wordley & Co of Lavington at Trowbridge & District Agricultural Show 1954

  3. Trowbridge, Melksham and District Agricultural Show | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] We have already seen on this blog photos of Wordley’s stand at this show, from other years in the early fifties (click here). […]

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