Who are they?

Today we look at another photo which has just been given to the museum. It is a fabulous studio portrait by Alf Burgess.

A delightful studio portrait by Alof Burgess of Market Lavington

A delightful studio portrait by Alf Burgess of Market Lavington

The photo was recently sold on an internet auction site.

Sadly, we do not know who the people were and we have no date for the photo. We’d love to identify the people and, as ever, we hope a blog reader might recognise these people.

Of course, they may not have been Market Lavington residents, but they were, presumably, comparatively local.

Let’s zoom in on the older lady.


Can you name this lovely lady?

She appears to have a fairly elderly face – but what clothes! Because the photo is monochrome, it is easy to see them as black – but we can’t be sure of that. However, the hat and the bodice of the dress are beautifully decorated.

Her hair looks to be rather severely parted and swept back. She’s a handsome lady.

The girl, on the other hand, looks to be a bit of a cheeky miss.


Who is this girl?

 She has an interesting, rather wild hair-do and again, a beautifully decorated top to her dress. And she holds an interesting basket.

What a great basket the girl carries

What a great basket the girl carries

It surely is a delightful photo. It will be wonderful if we can identify the people so do get in touch with any suggestions.


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