Hillside is a cottage on White Street which was once the home of Mrs Elisha. May Elisha was a former Miss Potter and was the very long term infant teacher at Market Lavington School. Our photo today shows May outside this house.


Hillside at the bottom of Lavington Hill in 1932

Hillside at the bottom of Lavington Hill in 1932

May Elisha stands in the doorway

Yes, there is May, framed in her doorway and looking every inch the young housewife.

It is particularly good to have May’s annotation on the back of the photo.image005

There we are. It was June 1932, the house is named and we know it was May’s first home.

The caption continues.image006

Many years ago the snow reached the roof! So I have been told.

I wonder if any weather historians might be able to pick a year for such an event. The snow, no doubt bad enough, may well have got deeper in the telling.

It’s a lovely picture of a house still standing, but no longer under a thatch roof. And three cheers for good captioning.


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2 Responses to “Hillside”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    As a young lad the Hiscock Family lived in that cottage. The Hiscock family were thatchers i remember they had a son named George who was deaf.

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