Brick workers’ cottages

This is not the best photo in terms of sharpness, but our records of the old cottages which stood near the brickworks on Broadway are limited. It is good to have something which shows these cottages.

Brick workers' cottages on Broadway, Market Lavington

Brick workers’ cottages on Broadway, Market Lavington

These cottages, long since demolished (we saw the site they had stood on in a previous posting – click here) were occupied by the men who worked at the Lavington Brick and Tile works. They were family homes for the men and look to have been presentable buildings. We can only imagine that with the brick works closed, nobody wanted to live in them. They are a long haul from any facilities. Again, we guess they fell into a state of decay. This could have been happening when this photo was taken, probably in the 1950s. Our only other photo of one of the pairs of cottages shows them with chimney pots on the stacks.

Amongst families we know lived in these homes were the Davidge family and a branch of the Plank family.

But as ever, we’d like to know more and hope somebody out there can help us.


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