At Market Lavington Museum we have quite a lot of wheelwrighting equipment, much of it on display in our trades room. Below we have a sample.

Wheelwright's display at Market Lavington Museum

Wheelwright’s display at Market Lavington Museum

Here we see equipment that would have been familiar to and used by Charlie Burnett who was a wheelwright who worked for the Gyes. The gear in the photo all came from Gye’s wheelwrighting area. You can see some of the items displayed here, in situ at Gye’s yard by clicking here.

In those days before the motor car, the wheelwright and the wagon making wainwright were crucial people in any rural community. We are lucky that so much has survived from our parish.

Of course, our museum is now basically closed for the winter, but our blog will continue to show items of interest and our team will be working on new displays for next year.

You can expect that we’ll be marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, but there will also be a display of shop ephemera – bills, receipts, tickets and even paper bags. These items should bring back memories for many people.

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