Calling the Register

At the start of every session in schools, the register is called. These days, in many schools, the teachers sit at computers to do the register and then the figure reckoning can all be done automatically. This was not so in the old days when teachers had to make neat marks in the attendance grid and then add up attendances and absences for all pupils and overall totals for the class.

We have a number of registers at Market Lavington Museum. This one dates from 1936/37.

Register for Market Lavington School - 1936/37

Register for Market Lavington School – 1936/37

The name of the correspondent was J A Sturton who was the vicar at the time.

The list of names

The list of names

We have a register here for girls who were aged between 6 and 10 at the time. I wonder if any of these ladies, who will now be in their 80s, can recall the teacher calling the register

  • Margaret Pike
  • Dorothy Parfitt
  • Kathleen Smyth
  • Pamela Wells
  • Roma Baker
  • Joyce Reid
  • Betty Huxtable
  • Edna Love
  • Gwendoline Maynard
  • Vera Baker
  • Grace Oram
  • Daphne Cooper
  • Doreen Case
  • Pauline Doel
  • Peggy Oram
  • Eileen Perrett
  • Beryl Baker
  • Lilian Chapman
  • Hazel Wells
  • Margaret Love
  • Doris Jenks
  • Doris Nash

Of course, the register shows full dates of birth – but we have curtailed that here. And it does stand as an attendance record too.

For us, that’s a great collection of local names.



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