Another advert the Gyes kept

We all should be delighted with the Gyes who managed to hang on to some items which can’t actually have been that useful to them. Take this double page of adverts they had removed from a magazine.

Alfred Syer advert for taps and fittings - early 20th centuery

Alfred Syer advert for taps and fittings – early 20th centuery

As general builders they may have been interested in taps and valves although we are not aware that they ever did plumbing. This page is believed to date from the early 20th century. The business of Alfred Syer, the advertiser here actually ran from the 1850s until the 1960s.

Surely the Gye’s had very limited use for the items advertised on the other side.


Beer engines and bar fittings offered by Alfred Syer in the early 20th century

Now Market Lavington once had at least seven pubs, but surely there wasn’t a need to keep adverts for beer engines and bar fittings, was there? But three cheers for the Gyes for this fascinating page still exists. We rather like the common pewter pot down at the bottom of the page. The 1 pint size sold for 21 shillings for a dozen. That’s slightly less than 9p for a one pint pewter pot.

This is another fascinating piece of ephemera which can be found at Market Lavington Museum.



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