A Christmas Party

Does Christmas seem a long time ahead? In Market Lavington we are definitely catching the festive spirit now. December has been, for a long time the month for Christmas events and parties so let’s take a look at a Christmas party from the past.

A Market Lavington Christmas party for older folk - back in 1961

A Market Lavington Christmas party for older folk – back in 1961

This party took place in the school room (now the Old School) back in December of 1961, a frightening 52 years ago. It looks to feature older residents of the time with younger people, no doubt, doing the waiting and serving.

There are two church ministers present. One is Reverend Daunford Davies of the Church of England whilst a second is Reverend Crewe who was the Congregational minister from 1960 to 62. Both have their wives with them. Miss Duncan, the previous Congregational minister is amongst the guest.

Other guests include Mrs Hawes, sisters Nellie and Millie Hiscock, Mrs G Cooper and Mrs Annie Baker.

Amongst the helpers we have Susan Shepherd and Liz Bury.

There are still lovely Christmas events in the village. A couple of days ago we had a wonderful Christmas Concert, led by the Lavington Community Choir and the Lavington Community Band, with charming help from primary school children, this time from the West Lavington  (DAPS) school. The Community Hall was packed out for a mixed programme of music which included community carols and secular songs too. It was a great occasion, really appreciated by the audience.

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2 Responses to “A Christmas Party”

  1. Janice Feltham (nee Quick) Says:

    I can remember doing the waiting at that i was 14yrs old as was liz and susan

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