Gone Fishing

One can’t imagine many anglers heading for the stream that goes under the road between Market and West Lavington these days. But photographic evidence suggests it happened in the past.

Fishing in the stream by Cornbury Bridge

Fishing in the stream by Cornbury Bridge

The caption on the card reads Cornberry Bridge, Lavington. It should say Cornbury Bridge and it is the bridge over the stream which separates the two parishes of West and market Lavington. The road we see in the bottom right, the man apparently fishing and half the bridge are in West Lavington. The rest of the picture is Market Lavington.

We cannot date the photo but believe it may be from between the two World Wars. If anyone can identify the fisherman, or, indeed, the small boy sitting on the bridge parapet, it might help us to get more accuracy on the date.

The people in the photo

The people in the photo

Any thoughts, anyone?


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3 Responses to “Gone Fishing”

  1. Pete Says:

    I remember there being trout in the stream at that exact location. That was 20 years ago though. I assume they escaped from the fish farm near where the stream passes under the railway.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thanks for that Pete. I never saw any fish there that would have been worth catching and eating!

      • Pete Says:

        They may have been trout but they weren’t that big. I remember catching some from a bridge right next to the railway viaduct, using cotton thread, a hook and bits of bread. They were so numerous I could just dangle it in and grab them out. They were all so small, however, that I think I got about half a mouthful when I took one home and cooked it, and just gave the rest to Tiggy.

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