Overseas Help at Christmas

Bert Shore has featured a few times in this blog. Earlier this month we looked at a very old multi-tool he had – something which may have originally belonged to his grandfather. Today, we look back again to Bert’s own childhood and his involvement with one aspect of World War One – The Overseas Club. The Patron of this club was His Majesty the King. That would be George V for we are looking at 1915. And here we see Bert’s certificate for Christmas Day Gifts which helped to bring happiness to brave sailors and soldiers.

Christmas Day Gifts from Bert Shore of the Overseas Club

Christmas Day Gifts from Bert Shore of the Overseas Club

The aims of the Overseas Club are explained on the certificate.

The Overseas Clun Mission

The Overseas Clun Mission

We also have the banners of six empire countries.



It is interesting that India sent many men to fight for the allies at a time when British soldiers were based in India to attempt to keep order. We also note that Newfoundland was a country in its own right. It did not become a part of Canada until 1949.

Once again, we do not know what Bert Shore actually did to earn his certificate but I dare say men, bogged down in the mud, were pleased to know that they were thought about back home.

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2 Responses to “Overseas Help at Christmas”

  1. Rosemary Edmeads Says:

    I have two Certificates from the Overseas Club, Christmas Day Gifts and Empire Day which were awarded to my mother Alice Johnson in 1915 She and her family lived in Ellington, Northumberland and her father served in the Army during WW1 I am interested in finding out about these certificates

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