Cows and Kandy

Cows and Kandy may sound an odd combination, but that’s what we have in this photo of the bottom of White Street in Easterton.

Cows being driven past Kandy Cottage in Easterton in about 1920

Cows being driven past Kandy Cottage in Easterton in about 1920

These few cows are being driven along the main road in Easterton. We are looking along it, towards Fiddington and Market Lavington.

The end house was once the last house at the bottom of White Street. It was called Kandy Cottage – named after residents Ken and Yvonne. The little row of cottages also incorporated a bakery. The whole lot were swept away to improve the road between Market Lavington and Easterton. The present course of the road runs right through the cottage and the area where the cows are walking is now a wide grassy verge in front of Easterton Manor.

We believe the cows were a part of the milking herd of the Williams family who owned the manor. The person with the cows is Gwendoline Williams who was born in about 1896. She looks to be quite a young lady in the picture so perhaps it dates from around 1920.

It’s not as sharp as some pictures but nonetheless it’s a grand image and another reminder of times past. We are so lucky to have such a  wealth of photos at the museum. We must continue to thank all those who make their images available for all to see.


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One Response to “Cows and Kandy”

  1. James Perry Says:

    Believe it or not we live in Paulton, Somerset and occassionally on Sundays we still see a herd of cows driven down our built up road and heading off for a mile or more in the Bath direction. The locals know upon seeing the cows to turn around and take a longer route as it is impossible to pass them on the Bath road saving a 20 minute or more delay. We still have not worked out where they come from or go.

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