Yes, it is a New Year, always said to be a time for new beginnings. But 2014 is special and we have been planning and preparing for it, not by looking to the future, but by looking back 100 years. For of course, it was 100 years ago, in 1914, that the First World War started. We will be marking that event as will the whole village. In fact one imagines the whole country will be involved in some way.

Of course, a war – perhaps particularly that war – is not something to be celebratory about. Lives were destroyed and others were severely spoiled or ruined. Nobody was left untouched by that war and although we may not have seen actual conflict here in Lavington, many of our young men did. And many more young men spent time in the parish for Salisbury Plain was used as a training area for British and Empire soldiers. For many Canadians, in particular, their first home in the UK was a tent, pitched in deep mud near Pond Farm. Of course, things got worse for them when they reached Flanders or The Somme.

You can expect aspects of that war to feature in museum displays when we open for the season. You can also expect that talks and shows will feature the war too.

But let’s not be too glum now. Let’s mark the New Year with a calendar provided by the wonderful people at our village Post Office.

Front of a calendar for 2014 given by the good folks at Market Lavington Post Office

Front of a calendar for 2014 given by the good folks at Market Lavington Post Office

That’s a very pretty front but it is the back that makes this a museum item for the future.


Can we thank David, Julie and Charlotte for the service they provide for our community?

The calendar is now kept for posterity.


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