The Sainsbury Family at Parham Farm

Back in the nineteenth century a branch of the Sainsbury Family farmed at Parham. Then, as the century came to a close there were changes. The new railway was being built and, as we understand it, Parham Farm had to go. However, we have a couple of photos and here is one of them.

The Sainsbury family at Parham Farm - probably in the 1880s

The Sainsbury family at Parham Farm – probably in the 1880s

We believe this photo dates from the late 1880s and shows the farm and members of the household. There is what looks to be a fine oak tree and a useful cart for transporting people. As it was over two kilometres from Parham to the centre of the village, the cart was no doubt much in use.

We cannot name the people individually, but we can list family names from the 1891 census.

The head of the family was John, born around 1847. He is not shown on this picture. His wife was Elizabeth who was born around 1848. She could be sitting on the bench with the young child.

The children they had were: Elizabeth (1870), Frederick (1871), Sarah (1874), William (1876), Bertram (1879), Florence (1881), Lily (1883), Vernon (1885), Arthur (1887) and Stanley (1890).

With the demise of their farm, the family were able to find a new home at Manor Farm in Chirton. The 1901 census there gives some alternative names. Florence was then known as Edith, Vernon is called Edgar and Stanley has become Herbert.

The birth place of members of this family are confused. On the 1881 census John and the children were said to have been born in Easterton. In 1891 the older members of the family were said to have been born in West Lavington and the younger ones in Market Lavington. In 1901 they all say Market Lavington.

This suggests that they were all born in the area known as Fiddington – this strip of land did, indeed, swap parishes.


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