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Some time ago we lost our website at Market Lavington Museum when the service provider simply vanished.

We are pleased to say that after a lot of work and effort, to get the rights to our web site name back, we have just re-launched a web site at .

The site is up and running but parts of it still require completing.

The idea of the web site is that it will remain a fairly static site. It has the basic information about opening times and contacts and gives some tasters of what you can see in the museum. The old, lost site was produced professionally. This one has been built ‘in house’ and is simple but, we hope, effective.

market Lavington Museum website relaunched at

Market Lavington Museum website relaunched at

This is the home page and there are a range of links down the left hand side.

The restored website will make no difference to the blog. That will continue to have a daily update featuring some aspect of the museum or local life.

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2 Responses to “Museum Web Site”

  1. timberbookshelves Says:

    Hopefully this is helpful – might help if clear address and or directions were available at or near the entry point of the website. Also perhaps a marker on google maps, similar to the library in your village. Looks like a wonderful place.

  2. kristopherharper Says:

    Great to see the website is back up and running. I am looking forward to visiting again soon. Likewise I think your full postal address on the website would be helpful for any one who wishes to visit.

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