A Mystery Postcard

Postcards ought to be obvious. A decent postcard has information on it which tells you where it is. But this one doesn’t. However, it is a truly lovely card.

A postcard at Market Lavington Museum - place and people are not known.

A postcard at Market Lavington Museum – place and people are not known.

So, the question straight away is, does anyone recognise this delightful rural scene?

Or how about the people shown?


Or maybe the lovely push cart might mean something to somebody.


The card does have a local interest for sure, for it was sent to an Easterton address. We think it may have been posted in Market Lavington, but we look at a barely visible postmark with the eye of hope.


What we know for sure is that it was sent to Mrs Emily Chapman and was posted in September 1928 for Emily’s birthday. Emily’s husband had the initial W. and they lived at The Clay in Easterton. We can find Emily and William Chapman listed as voters on the 1939 Electoral Roll, still at The Clay, Easterton.

Emily Jones married William Chapman in 1928 and they did, indeed, live at The Clay, Easterton. We believe Emily had been Emily Jones and that the couple had married in 1927

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