Honey, honey

Bee keeping was once seen as an important addition to the livelihood of some households. It still goes on but perhaps it takes a special person to cope with bees all over the place. Most of us are just a tad frightened of them.

In times past one of the best known bee keepers in Market Lavington was Bill Elisha. Mr Elisha and his bees last got a mention on this blog when we covered an article written in the school magazine back in the 1940s. You can click here to read it.

We have one of Bill’s honey pot labels at the museum.

William Elisha honey jar label

William Elisha honey jar label

That’s very pretty, with a traditional white hive shown in lovely English scenery.

But Bill was not the only beekeeper as another label we have shows.

Shore and Feltham of Lavington honey jar label

Shore and Feltham of Lavington honey jar label

This honey was produced by Shore and Feltham of Lavington (or rather, by their bees). It has a more modern style to it with a cheery looking bee and some clover. It even gives the weight of honey in metric as well as in Imperial measures.

We do not have a date for either label. I’m sorry to say we do not know who Shore and Feltham were. Can anyone out there help us?

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4 Responses to “Honey, honey”

  1. Janice Feltham (nee Quick) Says:

    The name of Feltham, This Fred Feltham who lived at Gore Cross he kept bees for many many years. He is the uncle of my Husband.

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    So probably him. I wondered if Shore might have been Bert Shore who married Flo Burbidge who was born and raised in our museum building.
    By the way, Gore Cross was once in Market Lavington.

  3. Pete Says:

    I might be imagining it, but that Wiltshire Honey label looks very vaguely familiar. If labels like it were around when I remember them they must have been relatively recent….

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