Football – 1955/56

Back in July 2012 we posted a photo of the 1949/50 football team who had clearly won a cup and along with it we had Bill Elisha’s notes. We couldn’t recognise the players so I’ll invite people to look again by clicking here and letting us know who is in that photo.

We have just been given another photo of a football team. Diane, who gave it to us, knows her father is in it. We think this photo could date from the 1955/56 season. It shows not only the team but also a crowd of supporters – men, women and children.

Market Lavington and Easterton United Football Club and supporters - possibly in 1950

Market Lavington and Easterton United Football Club and supporters – 1955/56

The stand behind the people says T. T. Football Club. We guess this is Trowbridge Town.

The two people we can name on the photo are Lavington and Easterton Football Club chairman, Bill Elisha…

Bill Elisha

Bill Elisha

…and Diane’s father, Gilbert Jenks

Gilbert Jenks

Gilbert Jenks

Can anybody name any others? We’ll enlarge them a bit to help identification.


image006 image007




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4 Responses to “Football – 1955/56”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    I know all the faces but names seem to be harder but second row lady with the smile and holding a cup is Edna Huxstable of Easterton.
    Back row and to the right is a man with a cap he is George Burgess my Grandfather. Behind Gib Genks is Walt Merritt. Infront and to the left is a young lad i think it is Gordon Ellis. The three ladies on the left front i think it is Winnie Gilks in the middle.

  2. John Burgess Says:

    Picture 7 in the middle is Trouser Reid (dont know why Trouser).
    Picture 8 Middle with a cap Shooner Baker (Shooner why ?). Mrs Baker on his right on Bakers left is Mr Stevens of Lavington Hill. The goal keeper was Maurice ?.Picture 5 at the back left Mrs Rose Twiss Picture 6 back left Joe Twiss.
    As for where it was played my Grand Father did tell me that Lavington FC did play and win at Trowbridge.

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