Over the fields in 1972

Today we look at a scene which as changed out of recognition in the 42 years since this photo was taken.

View near Grove Farm, Market Lavington in 1972

View near Grove Farm, Market Lavington in 1972

The caption we have on this photo is ‘Grove Farm – 1972’. We are looking away from the Grove Farm area and over more northern parts of the village of Market Lavington.

Let’s start up on the skyline.


Here we are looking at the houses on Northbrook Close with St Barnabas School on the right.

Below, in the valley we have this collection of buildings.


The new bungalows are on Bouverie Drive. The thatched property near the top right is ‘The Rest’ on Northbrook. Between Bouverie Drive and ‘The Rest’ we can see the steeply pitching roof of Tommy Burden’s Cottage – the little Tudor cottage that is no longer with us.


A car can be seen in this part of the photo. That is parked more or less where the roundabout is now – the one where Grove Road and Canada Rise meet at the bottom of Spin Hill.


It is this area which has changed most for this area is now occupied by Roman Way and Saxon Close.

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2 Responses to “Over the fields in 1972”

  1. James Perry Says:

    There was a footpath that went from the position of the roundabout across the field to the churchyard. I guess the path in the churchyard is still there but ends in a fence.

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    It’s not the same path it was but it still exists as a pavement along Grove Road and then Roman Way and then steps lead up to the churchyard where there is a gate. I seem to walk that way most days. The paths down to the Bubbling Kettle have been retained too.

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