Youth Challenge – 1993

Twenty or so years ago it used to be possible to get plenty of young people to take part in village events for fun. Of course, they hoped to do well in sporting endeavours, but they could enjoy doing their best, knowing there could only be one winner.

A Youth Challenge was organised as a part of the village festival. It took place on 19th September of that year and allowed youngsters to select from a big range of activities. One, which surely proved popular, was to attempt to take a large agricultural quad around an obstacle course and it is that one we see in operation.

Quad bike youth challenge at Market Lavington in 1993

Quad bike youth challenge at Market Lavington in 1993

The location is obvious for local folk. That’s Lavington School with the cycle shed behind the quad. School tradition, everywhere, is that youngsters nip behind the cycle shed for a fag. At Lavington it looks as though hefty gates ruled that one out!

The chap, standing hands on hips, looks to be John Clark. He worked as an agronomist and used quads in his job, so he was probably loaning equipment and supervising this event. The young man on the quad has not been recorded but once again, we expect someone out there will recognise him.

Intense concentration required

Intense concentration required

Other events the youngsters could take part in included lacrosse, football, welly throwing, darts, an assault course and many others.

So why did it drop out of the village calendar? Sad to say one reason was health and safety. Another was that it needed huge adult presence and it was hard to get volunteers. I think the youngsters enjoyed the challenge and were always willing to have a go.

But then the rise and rise of electronic gismos did take youngsters and older potential helpers away from more active participation.

At least we have a lot of lovely memories of these events at Market Lavington Museum.


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2 Responses to “Youth Challenge – 1993”

  1. Tris Says:

    It’s me!! Tris Fry, then of Northbrook Close.

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