Vera Burgess gets married

This photo has been sitting around, somewhat unresearched at the museum for ten years. Our curator has recently sorted out some of it. It shows a group at the wedding of Vera Burgess.

Vera was the daughter of Alfred George Burgess who was known as George and his wife who had been born Irene Esther Glover who was known as Rene.

Wedding of Vera Burgess of Market Lavington to Derrick Firmager in 1945

Wedding of Vera Burgess of Market Lavington to Derrick Firmager in 1945

Vera was born in 1922. The Burgess family lived at 13 High Street, Market Lavington. At one time the front of the premises was a shop and out in the back garden there was a photographic studio. We assume the wedding was at Market Lavington. The background in this photo doesn’t give us much in the way of clues.

The wedding took place in 1945. His name was Derick Walter Firmager and he is wearing a military uniform with three stripes so he was a sergeant. Rene and George are on the right. George is more used to working on the other side of the camera and looks a tad nervous. It was probably his brother pressing the shutter. We assume the people on the left are Derrick’s parents. We do not know who the bridesmaids are.

It is good to find a photo of one of the famed Burgess brothers who ran their photography business in Market Lavington for many years.

We believe the Firmagers had two sons. We’d be interested in hearing from them.


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2 Responses to “Vera Burgess gets married”

  1. Ann Eardley Says:

    The bridesmaid on the left is Barbara Burnett nee Challis.

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