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It seems like no time at all since Peggy Gye, in one of her last public engagements, cut the ribbon to declare the Community Hall open.

Peggy Gye with Peter Furminger declare Market Lavington Community Hall open - September 20th 2007

Peggy Gye with Peter Furminger declare Market Lavington Community Hall open – September 20th 2007

In fact this event was in 2007, nearly seven years ago and sadly both of those leading personalities, facing the camera, have now died. Peggy is about to enter the hall and Peter Furminger who had been chairman of the hall committee stands by to allow Peggy to be the first person to enter the hall.

This year the hall has been recognised with a top level accreditation for its running – undoubtedly well deserved. At the end of March 2014 organisations that use the hall were invited to have a stand to tell the public what they did. Not all the regular users were able to attend, but there was a cross section of village activities on show.

We of the museum had a stand which not only allowed us to talk to the public – and no less than 20 new (to us) photos and one other artefact arrived at the museum as a result. We could also record the event so that future folk can see what went on in a thriving village in 2014.

Let’s start with the churches. There are two church communities based in Market Lavington but they celebrated their oneness by sharing a stand and being truly ecumenical with the people manning it.


The backdrop there belonged to the quilters who also took a table – not to mention walls etc.


The scouts and cubs had a table and were able to show off a recently won scrapheap challenge trophy.

What a fab trophy for their model of a cresta run with all sorts of moving parts.


There is a thriving short mat bowls club in the hall.


They had an attractive stand and lots of information.

The Parish Council were there, both for real and in photographic form.


Many other organisations were there including the table tennis club, tai chi, the Day Centre etc.

But for us at the museum it was the art group who stole the show. We were able to watch Mike at work, being given advice by the tutor.

And there is Mike with the painting he was working on which depicts a threatened building in Easterton.


It was a good day for us at the museum and a day like this helps the hall to maintain its high standards.



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